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Financing Meeting Old Wheels Biel-Bienne

The annual meeting is funded solely by funds from sponsors, donors and the revenue from the festival. The entire sponsorship and the OK work on an honorary basis. However, such an event always costs a lot of money (rooms and dry cleaning Tissot Arena, traffic and security dispositif, advertising, prints, etc.). We are therefore dependent on companies & individuals who share the same enthusiasm as we do and through sponsoring or patronage contributions to help realize this exceptional occasion. Discreetly desired contributions are of course treated confidentially. We are basically interested in a multi-year partnership.


target audience

Brand-independent vintage car owners and classic car brand clubs of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tractors, military vehicles, fire-fighting vehicles, etc. up to the year 1987 are welcome to this meeting. The occasion is public and free. This event is special because the Tissot Arena provides a variety of seats and spaces that allow hundreds of vehicles to be covered. There are also many enthusiastic visitors of all sorts from young to old.



The event Old Wheels Biel-Bienne is ideal as a sponsoring platform for your company or for your product. They are an important partner for us and we can offer them an attractive presence and a lot of support.


forms of participation

The partnership services and consideration are recorded in the form of a written agreement and include several possible forms of participation. For more informations please get in contact with Gérard Häfeli. 


target partner

Companies and individuals from all over Switzerland. Whether insurance company, bank, manufacturer & distribution of products, etc. You are welcome to support us. You can see the current list of sponsors on our homepage at Please register with us using the enclosed form. If you would like further information about the sponsoring or the event, please contact us by phone or email:


Gérard Häfeli

Tel. G: 032 328 20 60

Mobile: 079 272 22 72


Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 11.00, 13.30 - 17.00.


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All images and texts are protected by copyright and may not be used without permission.