Sunday june 16, 2019

Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne

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After the big success of the first edition of Old Wheels, the brand-independent classic car meeting takes place for the second time. Visitors to this largest covered outdoor event in Switzerland are welcome with their automobiles, motorcycles, tractors and all their epochs until 1989.



Original Formula 1 Ferrari racing car provides additional engine noise.


Special exhibition:

FAM (Association of Friends of Old Motorcycles), represents in many ways the interests of the lovers of old motorcycles and bicycles as well as teams.



restaurant and food service


Details of the meeting at More information about FAM at


More details about this new date, follow soon. 

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this was our first meeting:

june 16,  2018

The annual Old Wheels Biel-Bienne meeting takes place exclusively on the largest covered square in Switzerland, in the Tissot Arena in Biel-Bienne, canton of Berne, Switzerland. Every visitor, with or without his classic car, has access to this unique location



Racing car

Vintage aircraft engine

Oldtimer bus, Berna Bus


vehicle clubs

Jive Boys live music

VW Beetle & Golf Exhibition



snacks on place

Restaurant Il Capitano

more informations about day program

Jive Boys Live

The rockabilly band is reunited after a 25 year break and will also present their new single "Radar". Spread over the day, 3 performances on the stage "Place Publique" are planned. The Jive Boys are without a doubt one of the most successful Swiss Rock 'N' Roll bands - back then as well as in the past.


Since their foundation in 1984 they played concerts in Europe until the beginning of the 90s. Now finally, after 25 years, the band has reunited - in the original formation. 


The Jive Boys are:


Tom Lead Vocals, Background Chorus, Standing Drums, Compositions (Lyrics)

Nico Lead Vocals, Background Chorus, Piano, Compositions (Melodies)

Pät Lead Vocals, Background Choir, Double Bass

Fabian Background Chorus, Guitar


Their sound consists of stirring rhythms combined with catchy melodies of the 50s and convincing vocal and background choirs. On the Jive Boys homepage songs and videos are presented.

The penny-farthing

We are very pleased that Mr. E. Oberli will perform with his penny-farthing at the Old Wheels event.


The penny-farthing, also known as a high wheel, high wheeler and ordinary, was the first machine to be called a "bicycle".It was popular in the 1870s and 1880s, with its large front wheel providing high speeds (large distance for every rotation of the legs) and comfort (shock absorption through the wheel). It became obsolete from the late 1880s with the development of the modern bicycle, which provided similar speed amplification via chain-driven gear trains and comfort through pneumatic tires, and were marketed in comparison to penny-farthings as "safety bicycles" due to the reduced danger of falling from heigh

aircraft engine salmson 1930



Old Wheels Biel Bienne waits with another attraction: a Salmson Saloon engine, 9 cylinders, with a displacement of three liters from 1930. This engine is assembled on a Jeep and is also started.The 3,7 and 9 cylinder Salmsons were license-built in Great Britain, during the 1920s and 1930s, by the British Salmson engine company as the British Salmson AD.3, British Salmson AC.7, British Salmson AC.9, and British Salmson AD.9.

berna bus






Dieser Bus erstrahlt in den PTT Farben und ist ein weiteres Besucher Highlight.

vintage bus


City tours with vintage bus 


Traffic operation Biel-Bienne offer city tours with the vintage bus, brand Berna vintage 1940 (1st trolley in the city of Biel). The first round trip starts at 10h30, further rides at 11h30, 13h30, 14h30 and 15h30. Few free tickets (limited) can picket-up on the Place publique. 

Flight with a vintage biplane

Antonov-Club flights


On the occasion of the first-time performance of the vintage car meeting Old Wheels Biel-Bienne, the Antonov-Club Switzerland will organize on Saturday, June 16, 2018 club flights from the airport Grenchen. The Antonov An-2 is a multipurpose aircraft with a wingspan of 18.175 m, the largest single-engined biplane in the world in use. The sightseeing flights specifically include a flyby at the Tissot Arena.

exhibition VW


Urs and Andreas Weibel from Aarberg show their collection: 20 VW Beetles from the years 1948 to 1967 and 20 other special models.


The VW Beetle is a vehicle model of the lower middle class of the Volkswagen brand with air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine and rear-wheel drive. It was built from the end of 1938 to the summer of 2003. With more than 21.5 million vehicles, the car became the world's best-selling automobile before being surpassed by the VW Golf in June 2002.