program of june 16,  2018

The annual Old Wheels Biel-Bienne meeting takes place exclusively on the largest covered square in Switzerland, in the Tissot Arena in Biel-Bienne, canton of Berne, Switzerland. Every visitor, with or without his classic car, has access to this unique location




Racing car

Vintage aircraft engine

Oldtimer bus, Saurer Berna



vehicle clubs

Jive Boys live music

VW Beetle & Golf Exhibition




snacks on place

Restaurant Il Capitano

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vintage bus

City tours with vintage bus 


Traffic operation Biel-Bienne offer city tours with the vintage bus, brand Berna vintage 1940 (1st trolley in the city of Biel). The first round trip starts at 10h30, further rides at 11h30, 13h30, 14h30 and 15h30. The ride is free, tickets are at the info desk to obtain on the Place publique. The places are limited.

Flight with a vintage biplane

Antonov-Club flights

On the occasion of the first-time performance of the vintage car meeting Old Wheels Biel-Bienne, the Antonov-Club Switzerland will organized on Saturday, June 16, 2018 club flights from the airport Grenchen. The Antonow An-2 is a multipurpose aircraft with a wingspan of 18.175 m, the largest single-engined biplane in the world in use. The sightseeing flights specifically include a flyby at the Tissot Arena.

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