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Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne

Since the first meeting takes place in 2018, there are currently no pictures available, but from where it will take place the Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne:


For the occasion "Old Wheels Biel-Bienne" u.a. the covered square, Place Publique, between the football stadium and the ice rink, as well as other areas around the Tissot building, which are also covered. The Place de Publique alone has an impressive size of 90m x 35m and, with a total area of 3'200m2, is one of the largest covered squares in Switzerland. From here visitors can access events in the stadiums via the main entrances arranged on both sides into the interior. For an event can accommodate up to 4'500 spectators.

Old Wheels thanks Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne.

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