Place Puplique, Tissot Arena Biel-Bienne

From 2018 onwards the Old Wheels Biel-Bienne meeting takes place every year. Oldtimers of all kinds are welcome, whether they are cars, motorcycles, tractors, bicycles, mopeds, vehicles commercial and military. This unique meeting allows oldtimer fans of every kind to meet each other for a day to immerse themselves in a piece of valuable history, which is received by collectors with much enthusiasm. Every vintage object is valuable and reminds us of the progress that has accompanied mankind since the beginning. It will start on Saturday 16.6.2018 in the Tissot Arena in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. If you want to be there too, then you should inform yourself on this homepage, because you will soon find more and more detailed information about this. We already tell you: welcome and we look forward to seeing you and your oldtimer.